Skrillex – Fist Of The Year Video Release
20 Aug. 2011

Skrillex – Fist Of The Year Video Release

 Oh Sonny, how should this end? Skrillex new Video is mindblowing shit, no doubt. The nightmare of every paedophiliac becomes reality, when a possessed girl fight back. It’s a brilliant conversion of Skrillex track “Fist of the Year”. Directed by Tony Truand and produced by HK Corp.
Usually if I post a Music Video, I try to find good remixes as well, but this time it was hard. There are so many re-Edits and Remixes out there, but nothing convinced me, exept one little fun Remix.
Finaly I show you the three Teaser Videos for Skrillex new Label OWSLA and there we have a evil child again

First of the Year Skrillex (REBOЯИ ft. DJ Sonny D Remix) by REBOЯИ

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  1. REBOЯИ sagt:

    Thanks a lot for posting my Remix, means a lot! Glad you enjoyed it.

    • admin sagt:

      UR Welcome, my friend! :)

    • Aylin sagt:

      Your skrillex reeixms are amazing. Anyways, what a really cool youtube format. It loads pretty fast compared to the regular Download ones.Lol I love the title of this post. Great to be a seniorrr!!!! Thanks for spitting out over 5 songs. I cannot wait to add these to my muzic munchies playlist. It just gets bigger and bigger! I always look to you guys for new music.Louder is such a happy song. It kinda makes you giddy. Just goes to show major keys can be just as good as deep dark minor key songs. Electronics go good with this song as accompaniment.Black Angel goes back to a minor key. Kinda feels like you’re cruising on the road. Haha woah there’s disco in here. That’s a change! It’s like a chopped up dubstep with disco!Space Junk- definitely hits the spot with its low low low voices. I bet i could imitate this with a longass burp. And what i mean with hits the spot, this song makes you full.Death march took the longest to download. I’m listening to it right now. And yes it lives up to its epicness. Slow and steady with a good beat in the introduction. Crescendos sort of with a warm welcome. And the it just blasts the fuck out of you with your face in the wind. x] yeahhhh. 3:56

  2. James sagt:

    You should seriously blog daily. This is awesome. I love reading this kind of content.

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