Skitzo Disko

Skitzo Disko is my beloved baby since 2008. I’ve started with a party series at the Rockhouse Bar in Salzburg. In 2009 followed two parties more at SAKOG in Trimmelkam, with Monosurround and Transformer di Roboter live. Alongside the party series I’ve started a mixtape series with the same name to share my favorite tracks with you my friends! The typical Skitzo Disko sound ranges from Vocal based heavy Electro, inspired by french touch Electro over Glitch Hop to Dubstep and everything beteween! The Skitzo Disko logos and designs are always a bit retro 80s style, cause I love the colors, the neon glows and the lens flares. So watch out for the upcoming Skitzo Disko Releases. I can’t wait to mix some more mixtapes for you!

Skitzo Disko Volume 1 – 8 plus Halloween Special

Skitzo Disko Mix Series by TheMetatron

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