04 Jul. 2011


I am proud to announce that I am now a free contributor of Dubstep.net. That means you get consistently high quality reviews of Dubstep productions, written by Gabe Gilker and Mich Buchanan from Montreal, Canada. I’ll let them describe their Project in their own words:
At Dubstep.net, we believe in supporting the artists we promote. We believe that Dubstep is worth sharing with the world, but not at the expense of the artists who create the music. As such, we pledge to respect the wishes of the producers who want their music displayed on our sites – we will not make songs available for free download (unless given permission to do so by the artist), we will never defame the music we discuss, and we will always provide promotional links for the artists (Facebook page, website, etc.) unless indicated otherwise by the artist. We are here to showcase the talent of Dubstep producers, and we want artists to be recognized for their hard work.”

Now you know why it’s cool to have ears!!!

Here three current recommendations of Dubstep.net:

Who Is Rorschach – Cottonmouth *Free Download* by Dubstep.net

Geisha – Cyberoptics (Total Recall Remix) *Free Download* by Dubstep.net

Mr. Boob – Benzion *Free Download* by Dubstep.net

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